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Mallard Drake
This is our most popular model.  Most ducks will readily decoy to Green Heads.  2 AA batteries will run it for days!

As a full time trainer of retriever gun dogs, I rely heavily on equipment. I have to have tools at my disposal that I can accomplish a task with the minimum of stress on me and on the dog. I have to have tools that work under all conditions. I find that using plastic bumpers can lead to mouthing problems. They get slick easily in the summer when it is hot and the dogs are drooling and they are cold and stiff in the winter. I use REAL DUCK bumpers for the majority of my training because they are dependable and more pleasing and lifelike for a dog to hold. I am totally sold on REAL DUCK training bumpers. Best dummy out there

Real Duck dummies are a quality product.
Extremely durable and they hold scent well.

Hunt deep or shallow water with ease.  Life like Super Magnum decoys combined with our Spinning Wing really pulls them in.

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