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Mallard Drake
This is our most popular model.  Most ducks will readily decoy to Green Heads.  2 AA batteries will run it for days!

I have hunted the rivers of Southwest Idaho for eleven years. Two years ago I started seeing the new "Miracle Duck" type decoys appearing. However these decoys only work in shollow areas of the river and often would tip just as ducks approached. I purchased a "REAL DUCK" decoy and took one week off from work to give it a go! Every day I consistantly had my limit before 9:00AM. Often I would just sit in the blind and watch large groups of Malads land almost on top of the decoy! I could put this "REAL Duck" decoy any place on the river, either shallow water or deep water with no problems. I am a true believer in this product. It is the best build design I have seen. It makes "ZERO" noise and the Mallards love it!

Real Duck dummies are a quality product.
Extremely durable and they hold scent well.

Hunt deep or shallow water with ease.  Life like Super Magnum decoys combined with our Spinning Wing really pulls them in.

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